Property Turk is a project active in the marketing and sales sector in Istanbul since 2005.

Our company has made many families from Middle East and Europe homeowners and the priority of our company has always been customer satisfaction. With a real estate and construction source from iZYAP with 18 years of construction history, a construction company that produces most projects in the region and does not compromise quality.

In the years 2012-2013-2014 in Turkey the company was the first in the field of housing finance and construction. In addition, in 2017 the company was awarded a prize in construction and residential entrepreneurship.

Our Services

  • We receive our clients who want to buy property from the airport through our free transport service and provide accommodation for them (hotel – accommodation).
  • The service provided with our expert cadres in the field of real estate is free of charge.
  • The procedures of the official documents and transactions of transfer of funds and the transfer of the title of ownership of the apartment to be purchased with our team of experts.
  • We follow the after sales and subscription transactions.
  • Follow-up transactions to obtain Turkish nationality by our lawyers.
  • If there is a desirable change in the apartment purchased, our interior design engineers will provide you all kinds of support.
  • If our customers want to buy furniture and other household items, they are directed to our contracting companies in this field.